Actant Builds Partnerships

Actant has long recognized its clients as partners and has committed to their success through continued technological investment and innovation, flexible contract terms, and all-in competitive pricing. Actant provides not only responsive support and account management staff, but high-level access to its executive team to make sure our team is always thinking like your team.

Our Solutions

Market Making

Market making easily customizable for your quoting strategy. Trade strategies, participate in auctions and meet obligations. Flexible risk monitoring and hedging, defend your profits with an innovative and exceptionally fast pick-off defender. Add full ExStream integration and the possibilities are endless.

Automated Trading

No matter how complex or nuanced your strategy, Actant ExStream makes it quick and simple to implement, powered by Actant’s easy to use scripting and ExStream Studio. Filter, scan, manage orders on all instruments, create smart order types and execution algorithms. Visualize, customize and automate position, risk management and hedging.

Professional Trading

For the sophisticated professional trader, Actant offers more than manual trading, click trading, hedging, analytics, risk and position management. With full ExStream integration professional traders get unparalleled access to risk metrics, order types, algorithms, scanning and filtering of opportunities and workflow automation. With the support of automation professional traders can capture more opportunities, work more efficiently and parallelize their strategy.

Risk, Control and Compliance

Risk management is an increasingly critical part of trading. Actant offers risk and compliance managers an array of tools for monitoring and control.

  • Full access to market data displays and analytics
  • Create custom risk metrics and automated alerts with Actant ExStream
  • Monitor any portfolio in the system with Portfolio Center
  • Simulate risk with Risk Simulation
  • Control trading access and limits with Risk Control
  • Fulfill compliance requirements with multiple audit tools for a multiple regulators and exchanges


Fast and reliable exchange connectivity is critical to any trader. Actant always supports the fastest protocol offered and provides high throughput and low latency as measured on the switch by utilizing our proprietary, highly optimized connectivity framework with no unnecessary hops nor thread switches, as well as both kernel bypass and hardware acceleration.