Actant Quote

Market making done the way you want it, customize the quoting strategy for your needs, trade strategies, participate in auctions and meet obligations. Infinitely flexible risk monitoring and hedging. Defend your profits with an innovative process that is the fastest available to quoters. With full ExStream integration the possibilities are endless.

Quote Management

Actant Quote provides a safe, flexible and fast options quoting engine with the capacity and features for quoting many concurrent products in outright options and complex option orders. A library of strategies allows traders to quickly get up to speed while Actant scripting provides infinite flexibility to customize quoting strategies. Multiple volatility and pricing models are included, and APIs are provided for further customization.


Actant Hitlift is a low latency electronic eye, highly optimized to meet the demands traders face in today’s rapidly changing market conditions. HitLift is proving its worth on markets where sub 50 microsecond response times are crucial to capturing marketable order flow or capitalizing on rapid underlying price updates. Actant clients have confirmed impressively high fill-to-order ratios.


Managing risk is important and Actant provides auto-hedging functionality right out of the box. Whether you want to hedge individual trades or your entire portfolio with static or dynamic order management, Actant quote provides an easy to use mechanism allowing you to take advantage of underlying or options markets to lock in edge and control your risk.

Safe Automation

Safety is of paramount importance to market makers. Actant Quote enable traders to take advantage of automation, confident in the knowledge that the system will concurrently pull or widen quotes if market conditions require. In addition to build-in features, Actant Quote scripted automation can utilize real time positions and risk metrics, and risk dialogues facilitate decision making.


Taking advantage of order flow as a liquidity provider is important. But equally important is protecting those hard earned profits by avoiding costly pick-offs. Actant ‘Defends’ your profits with an innovative process which takes advantage of all the fastest processes available to quoters. Since its introduction 3 years ago Actant Defend users have enjoyed a 97% decrease in pick-offs.

More Than Quoting

Actant provides extensive features for automating and customizing participation in complex order books, auctions, RFQs, order routing, crosses/blocks, OTC pricing and more. Contact us for exact details per exchange.