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Smarter, faster, safer market making
Options market making software easily customizable for your quoting strategy. Trade strategies, participate in auctions and meet obligations. Flexible risk monitoring and hedging, defend your profits with an innovative and exceptionally fast pick-off defender. Add full ExStream integration and the possibilities are endless.
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Algorithmic flexibility enhances trading
No matter how complex or nuanced your strategy, Actant ExStream makes it quick and simple to implement, powered by Actant’s easy to use scripting and ExStream Studio. Filter, scan, manage orders on all instruments, create smart order types and execution algorithms. Visualize, customize and automate position, risk management and hedging. Read More


Actant supports ISE Mercury market making as CMM and PMM

London March 10, 2015

Actant are proud be supporting ISE Mercury from February 29 supporting CMM and PMM market making functionality.

Contact to find out more about how Actant supports equity options market making on ISE Mercury.

Actant goes live on EDGX options exchange

London November 13, 2015

Actant are proud have certified for and participated in trading on EDGX options from the opening of the of Phase III on Tuesday November 10, 2015 for market making and trading. This […]

Bachelier model for Eurodollar interest rate options

Actant adds Bachelier model for Eurodollar interest rate options

London September 28, 2015

In the current trading environment where risk free interest rates tend to zero or even go below, CME Eurodollar and similar interest rate option products need […]

Actant New Volatility Surface Manager

London, March 19, 2015

Recognizing current  market solutions lack support for multiple volatility models, such as polynomials, SABR, and n-point splines, while leveraging ad-hoc user-defined controls, fitting, and post fit-manipulation, Actant has introduced a revolutionary new […]